MM2H Agents

MM2H Agents

The Government Authorised MM2H Agents

As part of our ongoing effort to promote the Malaysian My second Home to the world, we have now compiled a directory of government authorised MM2H agents.

As mentioned throughout the site, you can either apply yourself or utilise the services of an MM2H agent. The advantage of using an MM2H agent is they do the often confusing legwork and running around on your behalf.

If you would like to get a free quotation click HERE, if you would like to make an application yourself then click here to go to the Government Portal, or you can contact an MM2H Agent directly using the following information.

The authorised MM2H agents are listed in alphabetical order, either click on a letter below or if you know the name or address of the MM2H agent, you can type that information in the text box on the right hand side to access the information.

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